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Suzanne has extensive antitrust experience, having served as Chief Antitrust Counsel for Attorney General Grant Woods of Arizona, from 1991 to 1999, and for Attorney General David Wilkinson of Utah, from 1982 to 1985. Suzanne brings nearly three decades of experience to antitrust liability analysis in complex industries. Suzanne offers consulting to law firms lacking antitrust expertise and to clients wishing to understand whether they have antitrust based claims.

Suzanne is unique in that she has actual antitrust trial experience and criminal antitrust enforcement experience, unlike most antitrust lawyers. Suzanne has civil antitrust enforcement and defense experience in a wide range of industries, including electric generation, oil and gas development, refining, marketing and distributing, health care, health care financing, merger analysis, distribution systems and market analysis. Suzanne is comfortable with the economics of antitrust and has worked with some of the finest economists in the country.

As an Arbitrator, Suzanne understands the complexity of markets, the distinctions between pro-competitive and anti-competitve conduct, the effect of business decisions on markets, and the difference between an innovative new product venture and a cartel. Suzanne has represented antitrust plaintiffs, defendants and the government enforcement community. Suzanne brings no bias in favor, or against, any party or market phenomena.

As a consultant, Suzanne offers risk-evaluation and analysis to assist law firms, new ventures, particularly in health care, business, industry and trade associations in remaining competitive and avoiding antitrust liability. Suzanne understands the process of government antitrust enforcement on both the federal and state level and can help law firms and clients minimize and avoid the risk from such proceedings.

Through Suzanne’s unique experience in litigating antitrust cases in state, as compared to federal, courts she has developed a deep understanding of how to resolve disputes that affect intra-state commerce. Thus, in a case involving in-state rivals, Suzanne understands the operation and effect of state antitrust practice. This is an important skill, even in more routine business contract disputes, since the enforcement of certain contract provisions, such as covenants not to compete, frequently give rise to antitrust defenses and issues.

Suzanne believes the purpose and intent of the antitrust laws is to level the playing field by removing barriers, while also rewarding those firms who have acquired large market shares through innovation and astute business management. Suzanne brings to antitrust arbitration no bias in favor, or against, any player in any market.

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