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Suzanne M. Dallimore, PC offers private, commercial arbitration services to businesses and industries having contracts requiring arbitration, in the situation where time to trial would be too long and the expense too great to fit into a company’s resources. Suzanne is experienced in arbitration, both as an arbitrator for the Maricopa County Superior Courts, a member of the Panel of Neutrals for the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), and as a litigation advocate who has tried cases in arbitration. Suzanne is committed to the ADR process, and has learned through long experience that a private arbitration can be a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective alternative to the courts in giving business what it needs most - a manageable budget and business certainty quickly and with a minimum of business disruption.

Suzanne’s understanding of the process of dispute resolution through many jury trials as an advocate has given her deep insight into practices and procedures that contribute to speedy resolutions. Suzanne has seen every imaginable kind of commercial dispute, and has been involved in every conceivable procedural motion and maneuver.

Arbitrations must be rapid, efficient and effective if they are to meet client needs. Suzanne moves quickly and decisively so the parties can be assured that there will be no long waiting period between a hearing and a decision, or between a pre-arbitration motion and a ruling upon it. Suzanne believes in real-world adjudications that follow the law, preserve the parties’ rights to be heard on important issues and that cut to the chase of the matter quickly and inexpensively.

Suzanne offers services as an arbitrator at hourly or session rates, as desired by the parties. Suzanne’s hourly rate for arbitration services is $200 per hour, well below the rates charged by other lawyers offering services as an arbitrator. Alternatively, Suzanne is happy to negotiate session or hearing rates on a flat fee basis.

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