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Suzanne’s long experience gives her insight into the essential elements of liability, under intentional tort, antitrust or securities fraud theories. Suzanne can, quickly and efficiently, evaluate the basic facts that are to be or have been alleged in a complaint, to help lawyers and clients avoid legal pitfalls in pleading the complaint or the answer. Such thorny topics as antitrust injury and standing require a deep understanding of antitrust law and policy, as well as the balance between federal and state precedent. Suzanne is adept at identifying pitfalls in joint ventures and mergers that may raise antitrust concerns. Suzanne has studied many markets, and can grasp the essential economics of a relevant market so as to help define it.

Suzanne can help with government enforcement response and defense in securities or antitrust proceedings, including unfair competition claims, merger challenges and RICO claims where anticompetitive conduct is charged or alleged a predicate offense. Suzanne can provide liability evaluation to the plaintiff in avoiding the pitfalls of pleading fraud with specificity, and can also evaluate risk for the defense in civil fraud matters.

Suzanne does not hold herself out as a damages expert, but has extensive experience in working with damages experts, economists, CPAs and business valuation experts.

Lawyers and law firms without an antitrust practice can consult with Suzanne to determine whether their clients have antitrust or securities issues that will require specialized trial counsel.

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