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Suzanne has decades of experience in these areas, including unique experience as a former criminal conspiracy, bid-rigging and RICO prosecutor. As a trial lawyer, Suzanne litigated and tried many cases alleging commercial fraud.

As an arbitrator, Suzanne understands fully that fraud is a claim to be made only when the facts warrant such a claim, and that fraud claims are not properly used as a sword for mere leverage. Not every commercial dispute gives rise to bona fide fraud claims, even where there are allegations of embezzlement or financial malfeasance.

Suzanne also knows, from long experience, that fraud is not always easy to prove, particularly where one side has a disadvantage in access to information. As an arbitrator, Suzanne’s philosophy in handling fraud cases is to look for those provable facts that demonstrate the scienter incident to true fraud - the intent to deceive and to induce reliance on false or omitted facts. Suzanne brings no bias to fraud adjudication, and her philosophy is to examine the facts carefully, to determine the existence and injurious effect of true fraud.

As a consultant, Suzanne brings unique experience to the field of commercial fraud, in that she has tried criminal cases involving commercial fraud, commercial bribery and fraudulent concealment. She understands the difference between civil and criminal burdens of proof, the effect of criminal fraud statutes, including RICO, on commercial transactions. Suzanne has also had considerable experience in bankruptcy fraud, and has tried cases involving alleged asset concealment and financial statement misrepresentation.


In today’s world, white collar crime prosecutions against public officials and their associates is on the rise. Suzanne has a long history of both civil and criminal enforcement in public corruption cases involving bid-rigging, conflicts of interest and fraud in public contracting. Suzanne can help clients and their lawyers in evaluating liability in public contracting matters, in minimizing and avoiding the risk from improper public contracting practices, in evaluating claims of bid-rigging and other forms of public fraud. Suzanne can help clients navigate the complex maze of statutes, rules and regulations that govern public integrity and public contracting.

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