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Suzanne’s philosophy as an arbitrator is to rely on the parties to develop and present the facts, to analyze those facts carefully, to listen closely to the testimony and evidence, and to render a rapid, cogent decision that resolves the dispute and gives the parties guidance as to the rationale for the decision. Parties want to know why they won or lost, and Suzanne is committed to providing such understanding.

In the United States and elsewhere, there has been a sharp rise in the use of private dispute resolution mechanisms. This has been driven by the burden on the courts in part, but primarily by the needs of businesses great and small to resolve disputes quickly and cheaply, and to achieve a finality that allows the parties to be done and to move on. Mandatory arbitration provisions are increasingly being used in modern commercial contracts, leases, partnership agreements, investment contracts, real estate transactions and new business venture transaction agreements. Where arbitration is mandatory, it is essential that the parties respect the arbitrator’s abilities, and above all, his or her neutrality.

Suzanne’s philosophy is that if arbitrations take long to resolve, or become unwieldy or financially burdensome the great value of private arbitration is lost. Suzanne is committed to the quick, decisive, efficient and cost-effective delivery of arbitration services.

Finally, private arbitration is about fairness. Suzanne believes that a commercial arbitrator must be able to provide a fundamental sense of fairness of proceeding and evaluation to private disputants. She believes in strict neutrality, and would not take a case for arbitration unless and until the parties are confident that she is entirely unbiased as to any of their arguments, positions or possible outcomes.

Suzanne relies on her reputation for honesty and integrity, developed over more than a quarter-century as a trial lawyer. Suzanne will take no case, nor render any judgement on any matter as to which she is not completely neutral and unbiased.

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